Greeley Policy & Procedures

The following is the policy and procedure for the Greeley County District Court Clerk's office.

Processing Pleadings

Pleadings received at the front counter after 3 pm may not be processed until the next business day.

Documents for Judges

All documents for judges should be hand-delivered to the judge's secretary or to the Clerk's Office or may be mailed to the Clerk's Office.

Public Access Computers

Computers for searching public records are located in the front of the Clerk's Office.

Please sign the sign-in sheet when using the public computer.

Copy Fee

A fee of $1 per page will be assessed for making copies. The Clerk's office has three business days to comply with the copy request.

Certification Fee

An attorney of record will receive one certified copy of a document at no charge. A fee of $1 will be assessed for any additional certified copy of such document.

Microfilm Fee

A fee of $1 will be assessed for each page of a microfilmed document that is printed.

Postage Prepaid & Addressed Envelopes

If an attorney requests that a file-stamped copy or a certified copy be returned to their office or sent to another office, postage prepaid, the addressed envelope must be provided to the Clerk's Office. Otherwise, the copy will not be returned. (If you request copies be returned in more than one case, please provide an envelope for each case).

Requests for Information

Any requests for information may be made by telephone, in person, in writing, or by fax. The Clerk's Office will have three business days to respond to such a request.